Royal Karoo Safaris hunting Review

Royal Karoo Safaris hunting Review


Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris is situated in the Eastern Cape, a stones throw from Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth). The farm boasts a variety of vegetation and terrain, and is perfectly suited to most type of hunting. 


Located just outside of Steytlerville in the Eastern Cape, this farm is roughly 7 hours drive from Cape Town International airport and 2 hours from PE airport. The drive in from Cape Town takes you through the Karoo and the Swartberg mountain range. If you have not driven through these parts, the journey alone is worth the trip! Its an easy drive with few gravel roads, and can easily be done with a normal SUV or 4x2 vehicle. 


The terrain is a combination of Bushveldt and Karoo shrub with green belts that may be from ephemeral rivers. The farm sits in a small valley between good sized mountains, which lends itself to some good walk and stalk conditions. 

In the valley, the terrain is mostly flat, with a few small hills, which means you can get some good glassing done from an elevated position, without having to trek up the mountains. 

The farms boasts a 25 000 hectare footprint, which for most hunters is more than enough for a weeks hunting, and even though we did a solid 4 days of walk and stalk covering 15km + a day, we never covered the same area twice.


Type of hunting:

While I mostly hunt with a bow, the terrain is perfect for all types of hunting. The preferred method of hunting here is walk and stalk, and no hunting from the vehicle is allowed. 

The farm does have 6 concrete blinds set on game trails or water holes, which offers the less fit hunter the opportunity to spot some of the fantastic species on the farm. 

If you like long days in the field spotting game, and pursuing them on foot, then this destination is perfect for you. The variety of terrain and species means that no matter where you are on the farm, you will see some game, and you can put a stalk on. The steeper terrain is perfect for spotting Kudu while the open savannah is ideal for springbok, and this farm has good number of both. 

I would strongly suggest you review your fitness levels if you want to hunt this farm on foot, as it does require some endurance and elevation training to make the best of the layout. As I said above, the farm does have fantastic blinds for those that don't want to spend the full day in the field. 

This farm may not be suited to the biltong hunter as much as the trophy hunter, but with its long list of species, and blinds, it is a very good option for the average hunter not chasing horn. 



The farm has a wide variety of game from plains game to rare or dangerous. 

If you after a good sized Eastern Cape Kudu, this is a great place to go. We spotted plenty groups of Kudu traversing the kloofs and in the blinds, and what they lack in Rowan Ward animals, they make up for in quantity. The owner claims to have a full big bulls on the farm, but we cant speak to this as we didn't spot any of them, or went close enough to size them correctly, but with the size of the land, and the terrain, i fully believe he is right! 

In addition to good herds of Kudu and Springbok (in all the colours), we also saw plenty Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest and Impala. 

The other species this farm is known for, is the "Dagga boy"! This is where the hunting on this farm can get exciting, as the Cape Buffalo seem to roam free.... We had a few encounters from a distance, which is just about as close as we were happy to get while walking with a recurve bow in hand, but it was certainly a highlight having these impressive animals watching your every move. 

Overall the game on this farm is healthy and in good numbers, and you can see they have a well thought out breeding program, and put conservation before anything else. We know we are in a well managed area by the number of small game we spot, and we spooked plenty Steenbok, Duiker and even a rare bat eared fox!  

If you lucky enough, you may even spot the Nyala bulls fighting on the front lawn. 

Meat Handling:

This farm has more than just a walk in fridge, it has a full butchery, and while the cost wasn't super competitive, the quality of their work was good. In addition, they delivered to Cape Town for a minimal cost, which means less work or planning for you! 

Ive been known to be a difficult client for any block man, as a chef in a former life, i do like to have some special cuts, and rarely tick the biltong and mince only block when dropping off a carcass. Rob and his team didn't even flinch, as they do exactly the same when handling their own meat for the kitchen.

They processed the meat quickly, and it arrived frozen, and individually vacuum sealed.  


  • Description

This is the make or break for this farm.... It offers a almost 5 * accommodation, with modern rooms, good beds, and ensuite bathroom. These rooms are also serviced, so no need to do the hospital corners in the morning before heading out. 

  • Facilities

The lodge has some of the best facilities that I have personally had on a hunting farm, with a lounge and library decorated in a modern colonial theme, a full bar that services guests at the end of the day, a big eating area and outdoor furniture. 


It has a relaxed pool, which even though the midday temperatures were pleasant, we never felt the urge to dip. 


They have a serviced kitchen, meaning its staffed, and provide all hunters with two meals a day. We love cooking, but it is a bonus to not have to think about prepping food after a long day in the bush. 


The evenings after your hunt are spent in the boma where your guide, or staff cook you a full meal of venison and other produce acquired locally. After dinner you have the option to remain around the fire, or settle behind the bar inside and discuss the events of that day. There is even a secret cellar reserved for those lucky enough to have hunted a Buffalo on the farm. We were invited to take a tour, but unfortunately could not stay... 

  • Extras

The farm offers other activities like game drives, mountain biking around the farm, cooking classes, and more. 

It has an airfield for smaller planes, a shooting range which has some 3D targets for bows, and long range droppers for rifle. 

  • Family Friendly

This is the perfect spot to take the family. You could spend your mornings in the blind, while your partner and kids go on a game drive or relax by the pool. 


In addition to the kitchen and cleaning staff mentioned above, the farm does have a PH living on the farm. They are well trained and know the farm well. This certainly helps when looking for target species, or just helping to cover less ground and spending too much time in the wrong areas. 

We were told they have trackers on the farm, but we never used them while hunting. 


Unfortunately, this is were our review gets a little negative. It is not a "cheap" place to hunt in general, mainly because of the cost of the lodging and hunting fees. The species pricing is fair for the type of hunting you doing, and you do get a fair amount for your money with the meals that are included, the guide and trackers, and serviced rooms, but it does add up. We completely knew what we were booking when doing it and to be honest, thought that it was well worth what we paid as we did feel like VIP guests when there, but be aware that it is not a cheap hunt. 

Would I go back every year for our freezer fill hunt, no, but it is definitely one that I would like to do as a special treat every odd year if the budget, and minister of finance allows! 

Equipment list:

For this hunt, i suggest a good backpack that is comfortable and can carry a bit of gear. When hunting in the winter months, you can fully expect cold Karoo mornings with mid 20's during the day, so it is important to have a good jacket, and hydration! 

In addition to this, comfy hiking boots/shoes is a must, as you will be doing some distance, on tough rocky terrain. Some with ankle support is good if you plan on hitting the mountains, as you will be doing a bit of traversing and risk a rolled ankle. 

You will need some good glass here, as it lends itself to spot and stalk hunting. We would spend the first hour or so of the hunt just glassing the valley, and formulating a plan. 

The vegetation isn't too rough on the body, so you can get away with light pants or shorts, but bear in mind you could be on all fours for a bow walk and stalk. 


We did not receive any perks, or freebies for this hunt, we paid our way in full. 


Rob and his team are running a tight ship, and if it wasn't for the travel from Cape Town, and the cost, I would spend every season there! 


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